View the last 12 months of income
with your tenancy applications

Designed to make your decisions easier.

Supported With 12 Months Data.

Non-income Deposits Excluded.

Monthly Totals Of All Incomes.

Income Stability Indicators.

Income Variance Indicators.

Reduce your risks with income verification

1. Real-time data

Our next generation income verification model goes beyond the models of the past, using real-time bank data and six unique algorithms to truly understand an individuals income.

2. True customer insights

Past models produce inferred income from bureau credit data, or Current Account Turn Over profiling. Our model provides true insight and income figures from real-time bank data.

3. Data direct from the bank

We access raw bank data directly from the source, providing a seamless onboarding experience and more accurate income figures calculated specifically for each applicant.

Better Renting decisions with real-time bank data. 

Our income verification solution can verify anyone with an online bank account irrespective of credit history, thin files, new to country status, or simply those who fall into Bureau blind spots. We don’t compare against limited data sets, or prime applicant profiles, we remain financially inclusive by analysing and verifying each individual’s raw bank data.

Deliver seamless customer onboarding.

Deliver improved onboarding experiences without increasing risk by using our calculated income figures. Compare this with customer asserted data to understand if a mistake has been made during their onboarding (like inputting net vs. gross income, or forgetting supplementary pay such as regular overtime) and avoid incorrectly failed assessments.

Drive down operational costs.

Connect to customer bank data and analyse their transactions in seconds allowing; your operational teams to spend less time on the phone to customers, your assessors to spend less time analysing documents, and your credit risk officers or financial crime teams to spend less time investigating potential fraud.

Reduce your risks.

Let us help you truly understand your applicants and remove your reliance on vague income verification results like “looks correct” or “looks close”. 1Dossier provides a detailed estimated income figure AND a confidence score for every applicant by using real transaction data.

Packed with features to enable your Renting decisions.

Entirely GDPR compliant and more secure for the Tenant than sending their own bank statements. The salary verification system ONLY retrieve the income data and display the results on the Tenant profile. It cannot be modified/altered by anyone… Whatever the income in the Tenant Bank Account will be displayed month per month for the last 12 months.

Six Algorithms.

Six unique income modelling algorithms are applied against raw bank data to make up our next generation model.

Calculated Income.

We provide a specific income figure for each customer, derived from raw bank data and validated by six algorithms.

Confidence Score.

We deliver a confidence score between 1-10 to support our calculated income figure, going beyond vague income match flags.

Multiple Incomes.

Get visibility of incomes from multiple sources, going beyond only those applicants receiving basic salaries.

Benefits Income.

View an applicants income from benefits alongside other income sources, and determine if you wish to consider this in your decisions.

Filterable Incomes.

Our inbuilt filtering tools allow your business to easily view scores for each income source and determine which are used for assessments.

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