Without leaving
the office

Put a face to a voice, complete your KYC, answer questions & help people make a real connection with your company.

Cut down on travel

Meet people in their home or on the road using video call integration to save everyone time—a good reason to pick you over competitors.

Interact like in real life

With 1Dossier face-to-face video call not only do you get high-quality video chat integration, you also get super clear voice capabilities, so you really can meet anyone in the world—almost as good as in person.

Increase digital engagement by 10x

Enriching engagement through face to face interactive video can dramatically improve consumer approval, accelerate growth and business profitability. Personal engagement requires true one-to-one communications and the impact on business profitability can be tremendous.

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Businesses face a new reality

The accelerating pace of digital transformation presents an ever-increasing range of communication channels, where each option must find its own place in a cohesive customer journey.

A recent study by Gartner found that 80% of its surveyed companies now expect to compete mainly based on customer experience.

People expect brands to engage with them as individuals, with content that is personalized and tailored to their unique needs and interests. Successful businesses treat their customers as an individual segment of one. Unless they master and leverage the most relevant and engaging channels, businesses risk a fragmented customer journey and weakened customer engagement. But used well, these same new digital channels can reduce churn, grow revenues and improve operational efficiency.

McKinsey has found that businesses who shift their focus from individual touch points to a cohesive view of their overall customer journey, increase customer satisfaction 56 to 117 per cent.

1Dossier advantage

Fully integrated into the platform, no need to implement any technology. This is the power of cloud communications. Leveraging technology to transform the digital brand experience.